The Best Way to Take Care of Your Handmade Rug: Preserve its Beauty for Generations

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Handmade Rug: Preserve its Beauty for Generations

Handmade rugs are exquisite works of art that can transform any space into a captivating oasis. Crafted with skill and precision, most handmade rugs are fairly easy to maintain, especially when it is only being used in a household environment. In this blog post, we will explore the best practices for taking care of your handmade rug, allowing you to enjoy its aesthetic appeal and quality for years to come.

7 Simple Care Techniques 

Regular Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your handmade rug. Using an electric vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power and a brush or beater-bar attachment will work just fine. Depending on the length of the fringes, it is important to carefully vacuum the ends of the rug to ensure the fringes do not get damaged, especially for older rugs. Aim to vacuum at least once a week, or more frequently in high-traffic areas.

Protect from Moths and Pests: Moths and other pests can wreak havoc on your cherished rug. To safeguard against these intruders, vacuum the rug regularly and keep the area surrounding the rug clean and clutter-free. You can also use moth repellent products or natural deterrents near your rug. If you suspect an infestation, seek professional help immediately.

Stain Removal: Accidents happen, and when a spill occurs on your handmade rug, it's crucial to act promptly. Blot the affected area with a clean, white cloth or paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Use a rug detergent or a carpet cleaner specifically designed for the type of rug you have. For stubborn stains or valuable rugs (antique, silk, pictorial rug, etc.), consult a professional rug cleaner.

Professional Cleaning: While regular maintenance goes a long way, periodic professional cleaning is essential to remove deep-seated dirt and restore your rug's luster. Depending on the foot traffic and environmental factors, professional cleaning is recommended every five to seven years. Choose a reputable rug cleaning service that specializes in handmade rugs and understands the intricacies of different rug materials and dyes. If you live here in the valley, stop by Baluchi Rug Gallery for a free estimate on your rug cleaning.

Elevate with Rug Pads: To protect your handmade rug from unnecessary wear and slippage, invest in high-quality rug pads. Rug pads provide cushioning, reduce friction between the rug and the floor, and prevent the rug from sliding. Additionally, they aid in maintaining the rug's shape and minimizing stress on the fibers. Baluchi Rug Gallery carries high quality rug pads to ensure your handmade rug remains in good condition.

Store Properly: If you need to store your handmade rug for an extended period, take proper precautions. Clean the rug thoroughly, ensure it is completely dry and take detailed pictures of the entire rug before storing it for long periods of time, this way you will have visual remembrance of the rug's condition before it is stored. Store the rug in a cool, dry, and ventilated place away from pests and excessive moisture.

Rotate Your Rug: Periodically rotating your handmade rug is not necessary but it can be a great way to preserve its quality and fibers. Rotating it 180 degrees every couple of months allows even distribution of foot traffic and other exposures. Once again, this step is not necessary, but it can give extra support for the rug.

    Taking care of a handmade rug is an investment in preserving its beauty and heritage. By following these best practices in our blog post, you can extend the lifespan of your rug to enjoy its intricate designs and craftsmanship for years to come. Regular vacuuming, stain removal, rug rotation, and storing it properly are all ways to make your handmade rug last generations.

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